Unomy Knowledge Base

Learn how to get the most out of our Sales Intelligence platform

How to search for companies?

Here’s How

1.You can go to the search bar at the very top of the home page and enter a name of an industry or company you would like to search.

2.You can click on the “Find new prospects” icon to do an advanced search with Unomy filters.

Unomy Filters

  • Industries– more than 1,000 industries
  • Location– search by Country, City and state level  plus Office location / Headquarters location.
  • Number of Employees (company size)– search by number of employees 1-over 10,000
  • Finance– estimate revenue, total funding,latest round,#funding rounds
  • Social– Facebook likes,how many people are talking on Facebook,twitter followers, tweets
  • Website-Global popularity rank, US popularity Rank
  • Company Description– Enter words in search bar and it will show companies with those words in their company description
  • Contacts – search by companies with or without unlocked contacts