Search via 'Find new prospects'

  1. Click on the 'Find new prospects' icon (located on the main dashboard ) to run an advanced search with multiple filters.

   2.  Apply the relevant filters:

  • Industry– select your preferred industry / vertical or market category
  • Location– focus on specific territories (i.e. country, state, and city)
  • Headquarters vs Regular office location 
  • Company size– headcount from 1 to 10,000+
  • Finance– revenue, funding, latest funding events, # of funding rounds, latest acquisition
  • Technologies - track companies based on technologies they are using
  • Social– Facebook likes, # people talking on Facebook, Twitter followers, tweets
  • Website Alexa Rank– global popularity rank and US popularity Rank
  • Company Description– enter keywords in the search bar and companies with those words in their company description will appear
  • Contacts – search by companies with or without unlocked contacts
  • Suppression - select an existing list of companies that you want to exclude from your new search 

  3. Click 'View Companies' 

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